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UPDATE: I forgot to add a couple. Our FireWire editor and humble bragger (he alerted me he has a "puny" 2,500 followers) Mike Opelka. Find him @StuntBrain. And THE BLAZE magazine's executive editor Chris Field. He's @ChrisMField.

Here at THE BLAZE we're reaching our tentacles into social media. We're currently working on getting our staff more engaged on Twitter but in order to be more active on the platform we need more followers.

That's where you, our readers, come in. Several of us are avid tweeters (Billy Hallowell, Buck Sexton and me). And some of us are sort of new to the whole thing so we tweet less (Becket Adams, Liz Klimas and Tiffany Gabbay). But the more of you we have following us and tweeting at us, the more we can get to know you and thus deliver better content.

So far, here are THE BLAZE writers currently using Twitter:

Front page editor Jon Seidl-- @JonSeidl

Assistant editor Chris Santarelli-- @Blaze_ChrisS

Blog editor Meredith Jessup-- @MeanwhileinDC

Faith editor Billy Hallowell-- @BillyHallowell

Writer Buck Sexton-- @BuckSexton

Business editor Becket Adams-- @BecketAdams

Assistant editor Madeleine Morgernstern-- @MadeleineBlaze

Tech editor Liz Klimas-- @LizKlimas

Assistant editor Tiffany Gabbay-- @Tiffany_Gabbay

Writer Eddie Scarry (me)-- @eScarry

Contributor Will Cain-- @WillCain

Follow us! Tweet us story ideas, comments and questions. And in the comments section below, write your own Twitter handle so other readers can follow you, too.

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