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Santarelli mooches on friend fries


On the front page, Editor-in-Chief of THE BLAZE Scott Baker has a post about a new book: "A Nation of Moochers." The book takes a look at mooching in America in the  macro sense. But I took a look at mooching in the micro sense, meaning a few of our writers here.

FireWire editor Mike Opelka told me that he's a "recovering moocher" but added, "I give, too." (P.S- Opelka had a lot more to say on this, which I'll be writing in a follow-up post).

"Moocher: no. Smoocher: yes," BLAZE magazine editor Chris Field said. "I come from a small farming community where everybody works from the time they're kids." The Newt Gingrich American dream.

I asked our business editor Becket Adams for an example of how he mooches. He said he catches the draft of semi trucks to "save on gas." I asked if that was the only thing he did. "That's not strictly illegal, that I'll admit in public? Yes," he said.

Chris Santarelli, an assistant editor, is one of those people who refuses to buy their own french fries and instead nibbles on the ones his friends order. "I never buy fries, say I don't like them, but always ask for one from a friend," he told me. The worst.

Buck Sexton, who writes on the front page, dismissed the idea of him mooching altogether. "I'm a WASP. We hate mooching," he said.

As for me, I work in media living in D.C. Events around the city are typically free for journalists, often with open-bars and free dinners. Hors d'oeuvrs, at the least. Mooching is almost forced on me.

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