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Spiritual Women...on a Mission': TLC to Premiere New Series Called 'Preachers Wives


"larger-than-life women"

TLC's programming choices generally range from "bizarre" to "curious," as so many of the network's shows are centered upon subjects that may seem foreign to the majority of the country.

But it is this surprise and unfamiliarity that make many of the bizarre projects rousing successes. After all, not many parents have eight children (cue the now-cancelled "Kate Plus 8"), polygamy is a foreign concept for most of the nation ("Sister Wives") and abstinence, sadly, is becoming more of a past-time than it is a contemporary practice ("Virgin Diaries"). The list of uncommon programming concepts could go on...and on.

Now, the network is extending into territory that other media outlets, like Bravo and VH1, have already tackled -- creating programs that focus on "wives" (Bravo has the "Housewives" series; VH1 has "Mob Wives" and "Basketball Wives"). TLC will be airing a new show -- likely during the fourth quarter (no release date has been set) -- called "Preacher Wives."

BuzzFeed quotes a network press release that reads:

These larger-than-life women play a dynamic role in maintaining and expanding their devoted following. They manage day-to-day politics, help troubled or needy congregants and hire and fire staff. Some even step up to the pulpit to spread their own personalized sermons of inspiration and enlightenment. Viewers will also get a peek into their lives as mothers – seeing if they can strike a balance between being a parent and a respected public figure.

The standards are high and the expectations can be overwhelming, but these driven, spiritual women are on a mission to overcome challenges, break molds and expand their group of devotees.

Here's where the situation gets even more intriguing. According to Entertainment Weekly, the same production team that created the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" series is teaming up with TLC to put together this new docu-series. The three Christian women who will be followed are based in Atlanta and cameras will capture their role in the church, their daily activities -- even sermons they occasionally deliver.

"With most praise in religious communities directed towards male preachers, we are thrilled to give these remarkable ladies the spotlight they crave and deserve," said Steven Weinstock, the president of True Entertainment.

Considering the characters that are represented on other wife-focused series, it remains to be seen whether this show will be a detriment or a positive PR boost to pastors' wives everywhere.

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