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Website's 75 'Morning Faces' Showing What People Really Look Like When They Wake Up

Julie, mother of two, went to dinner with friends and then fell asleep watching SNL. She can get ready in as little as 15 minutes in the morning.

Would you have the courage to go au naturel with your morning face for all the Internet world to see? We're talking no make up, no photoshop, perhaps even pre-morning cup of coffee and -- if you're really brave -- pre-mouthwash.

XO Jane, a lifestyle website for women, collected images of 75 morning faces from women and a few men showing both the chipper and the cranky.,

The participants were asked to provide information about what they did the night before -- it could be telling of their morning condition -- and how long it usually takes to make themselves presentable each morning.

Here are a few of the shots:



The Daily Mail reports that the photographs are part of the "Show Us Your Morning Faces" project led by Jane Pratt, who was the former editor of Jane magazine, to get a look at what really is the "natural look", a phrase commonly mistaken for wearing effortless looking makeup and therefore still looking flawless.

Check out the rest of the morning faces here.

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