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BLAZE reader explains awkward Trump, Romney handshake


In yesterday's "midnight snacks" item, I linked to a photo (above) of Donald Trump and Mitt Romney in what appears to be a very uncomfortable handshake following Trump's endorsement of Romney.

Lucky for us, BLAZE reader ROCKTRUTH is familiar with this type of shake and explained it in a comment on the post.

"I shook hands with someone like that before. They pull you toward them like they’re trying to pull you into their territory. They may expect for you to pull back into your territory. Back and forth until someone lets go. It’s dominant type of handshake. Sometimes the dominating shaker will not let go until the other person try’s to pulls away first.

Some call it the “The Socket Wrench."

"The Socket Wrench"?! Scary. ROCKTRUTH linked to a description of this aggressive handshake: "Most often the socket wrench handshake is achieved when the shaker pulls the shake into their territory then commences to push them backward.  This move is performed by power players in an attempt to get the shake off balance and in the shakers zone.  You could get injured in this form of handshake."

There were no reports of Romney suffering from any injury due to "The Socket Wrench."

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