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Have You Seen the Creepy Planned Parenthood Cartoon They Would Like to Forget?

Have You Seen the Creepy Planned Parenthood Cartoon They Would Like to Forget?

In a week filled with discussions about the funding of Planned Parenthood, it seems appropriate to share a 2005 video from the organization.

This was a cartoon distributed by Planned Parenthood Golden Gate called "Superhero for Choice!"

The 8:55 animated cartoon features a Pro-Choice Superhero named Dionysus. Throughout the feature, she is attacking anyone who supports the pro-life movement. And in most cases, her attacks are violent.

Curiously, all who oppose the abortion rights folks are white people. The first scene has a strangely attired man telling kids about abstinence.

He is insulted by the superhero, then apparently drowned in a trash can filled with water. Dionysus announces that it "time to take out the trash." And then she reminds the young kids that Planned Parenthood is the place to go for "all your healthcare needs and reproductive advice." (I guess the kids don't have parents to ask questions about sex and health.) Before she leaves, Dionysus also gives the kids a "Safe Sex Kit."

Next up, protesters outside of a clinic are shown as zombies... white zombies.

What does the Planned Parenthood avenger do to the zombies? She shoots them with a giant condom gun, they are engulfed in latex and explode.

The "zombies" were not violent... they were only exercising their First Amendment rights. However, Dionysus decided that she must eliminate them.

It does seem surprising that the only violence in this cartoon comes from the Planned Parenthood Superhero.  She's packing a gun that shoots exploding condoms.  What kind of a message is that sending?

After she kills all the zombies, it's off to Washington DC to deal with the politicians who are standing in the way of the Planned Parenthood agenda. Landing in DC, Dionysus encounters "The Senator." (Of course he's another white guy, and he is seen boiling the Constitution, the First Amendment and Roe v. Wade.)

When "Roe v. Wade" is tossed in the stew pot, our "hero" takes more drastic action, dumping the Senator in the pot and holding him under the water until all the problems have been boiled out of him.

Thanks to being boiled in a pot, the Senator sees the light (the Planned Parenthood light) and is allowed to go free... just without his clothes.

In summation: Planned Parenthood's Superhero video teaches kids;

  • Parents don't know as much about healthcare and reproduction as the people at Planned Parenthood.
  • People who protest at abortion clinics are (white) zombies and it's ok to destroy them.
  • Senators who are pro-life are against the Constitution and boiling them until they see things your way is a good idea.

The video is no longer on the Planned Parenthood websites, but thanks to YouTube, we can bring it to you in all its glory.

H/T to John Jalsevac at LifeSite News


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