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May Divorce Be With You': SNL Does Gingrich's 'Moon Colony


Saturday Night Live gave a glimpse into what Newt Gingrich's infamous "moon colony" could look like, and it's just a few short years away...

The year is 2014, a "time of turmoil for America," when President Barack Obama "no longer hides his socialist agenda." Fortunately, Gingrich's moon colony is up and running, with the former House Speaker at the helm as "moon president." Joined by his trusty Reagatron 3000, Vice Admiral Herman Cain -- who enjoys inspecting all the "craters" -- and wife Callista, Moon President Gingrich leads the space pioneers into a better future.

At one point, Gingrich greets a schoolgirl who is a student by day and a janitor at night, per his "moon decree."

"You know, on Earth they thought the idea of student janitors was crazy. I guess that's why they didn't want me to be their president," Gingrich says.

"The people of South Carolina wanted you to be president!" the girl protests.

"Not all of America is as forward-thinking as South Carolina," Gingrich says.

Concluding their meet-and-greet, the girl chirps, "A good moon to you!"

"May divorce be with you," Gingrich replies.

Suddenly, everyone watches in horror from the observation deck as Iran and North Korea blow Earth in half with their nuclear weapons. They're hit with the reality of how to sustain their moon colony population when the women vastly outnumber the men. Luckily, Callista has the solution: An open marriage, freeing up Newt to save the day again.

Watch the skit below, via NBC:

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