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Want to See How Ramen Noodle, Blue Gatorade, and Gummy Bears Are Digested?


"...try to present unseen and often veiling information about our food system in unexpected ways..."

Did you eat Top Ramen for lunch, chase it with blue Gatorade and finish with a side of gummy bears for dessert? If so, you're about to see what the breakdown -- or lack thereof -- of these college-student comfort foods looks like from the stomach point-of-view.

As part of a project to show the difference in how the human body digests processed food versus homemade foods, Stefani Bardin, a fellow with TEDxManhattan, with gastroenterologist Dr. Braden Kuo at Harvard University have conducted a clinical study using two devices to give us an inside look.

According to Gizmodo, one subject ate the meal described above, while the other had homemade ramen noodles, drank a hibiscus version of Gatorade and enjoyed pomegranate and cherry juice gummy bears for dessert.


Watch the footage (Note: Digestion starts around 2:00):

"The incentive for this project is to try to present unseen and often veiling information about our food system in unexpected ways, so the public is armed with as much information as possible in order to make informed choices about the food they eat," Bardin said.

Bardin explains the technology used included a M2A™ -- stands for mouth-to-anus -- that has a camera, light source and a transmitter. She also used a SmartPill, which measures things like temperature and pH inside the body.

TEDxManhattan is a nonprofit devoted to "ideas worth spreading" and it recently hosted a conference on "changing the way we eat."

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