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Lauer's interview with Obama was so cute


Since last year there has been wide speculation that NBC's Matt Lauer might be leaving the "Today Show." You wouldn't know it from his pre-Super Bowl interview with President Barack Obama last night. That's the kind of interview it was.

Like last year, when Fox News' Bill O'Reilly was the interviewer, a portion of it aired live before the game and the rest was taped to air the next day.

The live portion last year lasted over 14 minutes. This year it was just over six minutes.

O'Reilly got in roughly 23 questions (if you don't include him asking the same question multiple times). Lauer got in half as many.

Four of O'Reilly's questions were irritating softball questions about the game. About six of Lauer's questions were about the game or how dreamy the First Lady and Obama's daughters might find Patriots quarterback Tom Brady ("What about the ladies in the Obama household, do they feel about Tom Brady the same way ladies all around the country feel about this guy?," "Is there perhaps a poster of Tom Brady somewhere in the East Wing?" Pick a son-in-law: Brady or Tim Tebow?)

For Lauer, those questions took up a third of the live interview time.

And believe it or not, Lauer even made a Justin Bieber reference. Gag.

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