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Terrifying Video: Chainsaw-Wielding Drunk Attacks U.K. Pub Patrons

Image source: Daily Mail

Surveillance footage has surfaced of a man wielding a chainsaw against bar patrons at a U.K. pub last year after he was asked to leave for smoking inside.

The Daily Mail reported 24-year-old Dean Dinnen, drunk and under the influence of drugs, returned with the gasoline-powered chainsaw to get back at the customer who told him to leave in the August incident.

The video shows him charging at several people outside before he enters the pub and proceeds to wreak havoc: Patrons attempt to fend him off with bar stools and other items in order to escape before several people brandishing tables and chairs ultimately force him outside.

The customer Dinnen was seeking had apparently already left.

According to Newscore, Dinnen sliced into 32-year-old Adrian Pryor's arm, cutting through the skin and muscle. Pryor, the only victim, required surgery and said he felt the attack would "be with me for the rest of my life."

Dinnen pleaded guilty to several charges, including causing grievous bodily harm, and was sentenced to three years in prison.

"This was a really horrendous incident," Judge Michael Mettyear said. "It must have been so, so frightening for people. The sound alone of one of these machines in that sort of space would terrify people and it did terrify people."

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