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Cheer Coach Removed for Screaming at Students and Calling Them 'Heifers


"Who do you think you all are?"

A TX cheer coach has been removed from her position after a student recorded her screaming at her cheerleaders and calling them "highfalutin heifers."

"Who do you think you all are? Highfalutin heifers. You can just come and go as you please? Fire me!" the coach, from the Houston area, was heard screaming.

But that's not all. She also found a way to work her mortgage into the diatribe. KPRC-TV (via Yahoo!) has more of the recording:

"I think that's too much," parent Khristina Melton told KPRC. "Even though they're in high school, they shouldn't be called anything different."

"The term 'heifer' basically means overweight or obese," Abel Olivares, the father of the girl who recorded the rant, said. "It's definitely a negative term." He wants the coach fired from her teaching job, too. Apparently the incident was just one of many.

But the coach isn't the only one who got punished. Olivares's daughter was sentenced to two days of detention because she used her cell phone to record the episode on school property and shared it with friends.

"They're supposed to be there to learn, feel safe, feel that the teacher is going to have a high standard, just like they're expected to do," the dad added. "If nothing else, that audio protects another kid from being yelled at or verbally abused, then you did a good thing."

But not everyone is buying it. One student told KPRC that yelling is just part of what coaches do.

The coaches name has not been released since she is not being charged with a crime.

What do you think? Should the coach have been removed, and possibly fired, for yelling at students?

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