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Yes, This Is Al Sharpton's 'Lin Forward' MSNBC Ad


"We've been waiting for a movement like this for decades."

Al Sharpton got in on some of the "Linsanity" fervor that's gripped the basketball-watching world, recording a "Lin Forward" MSNBC parody ad in honor of New York Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin.

"We've been waiting for a movement like this for decades, Americans have hope again and there's real change in the air," Sharpton says. "It's got people from Wall Street to Main Street looking for their own diamond in the rough. It's about looking past the surface, beyond the stereotypes and giving unlikely people a chance."

As Sharpton finishes speaking, MSNBC's "Lean Forward" logo comes up, only to replace the word "lean" with "Lin."

The "Lean Forward" ad campaign has produced some memorable spots, including Sharpton reminiscing about gorging himself on blueberry pie as a child.

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