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Here's a cat running for U.S Senate


This cat inconspicuously named Hank lives in Fairfax County, Virginia. He's running for Senate as an independent candidate and here's his campaign video:

From the Hank for Senate campaign site:

Hank the Cat of Fairfax County, Virginia, recently declared his intention to seek the United States Senate seat currently held by James Webb. Webb is not seeking re-election in 2012.

In his announcement, Hank stated: “In this time of austerity, of threats to families’ livelihoods and to our civil liberties, it is essential that we choose the right leader. Our situation is too dire to risk placing this important job in the wrong paws, and that is why I have decided to run for US Senate for the great Commonwealth of Virginia. If I had to sum up my feelings for Virginia’s future, I would have to say: Meow.”

Rescued from the streets as a skinny young kitty, Hank picked himself up and never looked back. Although only 9 in human years, Hank has 52 cat years of life experience. Enthusiastic and energetic enough to chase the bouncy ball, he has the wisdom to understand that it is almost impossible to catch.

We're eagerly awaiting an endorsement from former representative David Wu:

h/t Gawker

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