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Bill Maher Explains Why He Donated $1 Million to Pro-Obama Super PAC: 'These Republicans Scare Me


"Yes, Chris, he's a Muslim, socialist out to destroy America -- haven't you heard that?"


President Barack Obama isn't the only one who gives MSNBC host Chris Matthews a thrill up his leg. On Monday night, the "Hardball" host sat down comedian with Bill Maher. In addition to praising Maher as the "funniest, smartest guy in the room," the host spoke with him about his recent $1 million gift to a Super PAC supporting the president.

Maher, who had plenty of jabs to send in the direction of the GOP, gave the money mainly as a result of fear regarding the 2012 race. While he noted that many on the left may see the election as already sealed up for Obama, he isn't so sure that's the case.

"I was trying to throw a snowball to create an avalanche here to let the liberals who do think that this is already in the bag – probably because, like me, they watch 'Hardball' every night and they see what idiots these Republicans are – but that’s not how the whole country sees it," Maher explained. "And, I promise you, when it comes to election night, it’s going to be neck and neck. It’s going to be a very tight race."

He continued, highlighting the financial elements at play.

"Obama had a giant money advantage last time...the game has changed from small contributions to large contributions," he continued. "He's going to have, I think, a tremendous disadvantage."

Maher went on to claim that half of the nation is still railing against a "fictional president" -- one that has been created by false notions about Obama's record and actions over the past three years.

"Yes, Chris, he's a Muslim, socialist out to destroy America -- haven't you heard that?," Maher sarcastically sneered. "They're running against a fictional president."

Watch the interview, below:

Maher continued his commentary in a separate interview with CNN's Piers Morgan.

"It does hurt me to write a check for $1 million," he admitted after Morgan claimed he was surprised the comedian had such a large sum of money to willingly give. "I'm driving a cab at night now," Maher joked, going on to say that giving the money wasn't an easy task.

Here's the rest of Maher's reasoning:

"These Republicans scare me...After watching these Republicans debate for this last year and hearing their ideas for the country -- not only do I think this is for the benefit of the nation -- I would do this on a selfish level, because if we elect a Republican and they go back to the policies that were there before Obama, I could see my money getting vaporized like it did in 2008 when I had it with Lehman Brothers -- I'm not blaming that specifically on a Republican administration. But the policy of not taxing the rich which was Bush's policy, the policy of de-regulation of Wall Street, which was mostly a Republican policy. Republican policies are failed ideas..."

There's a lot to un-package in these latter comments, specifically the charge that Bush didn't believe in taxing the wealthy. That being said, this is much of the same rhetoric Maher has used in the past. At the least, the comedian can be respected for putting his money where his mouth is. But the commentary he's spouting is sure to further separate him from a large segment of the nation that sees Obama -- not the GOP -- as the catalyst for failed policies.

(H/T: Mediaite)

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