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Marathon Winner Disqualified for not Official Registering for Race

Scott Downard may have run the fastest 26.2 miles but he didn't take home the first place title. (Photo: Star-Telegram/Paul Moseley)

Scott Downard, 25, crossed the finish line of Cowtown Marathon in Forth Worth, Texas, with a time of less than 2 hours, 32 minutes. So why is another 25-year-old who finished more than six minutes after Downard taking home the first place title?

Downard wasn't officially registered for the race.

Downard of Oklahoma wasn't legitimately race crashing; he was wearing a race bib. The problem was the bib wasn't registered in his name. Yahoo! News reports that Downard's friend had signed up for the race but was not able to compete. So as not to waste a perfectly good bib number Downard pinned it on for the 26.2 mile run.

According to Yahoo! News, Downard was confronted with the issue by race officials after crossing the finish line and was open about the situation. It is also reported that he was understanding of the officials decision to strip him of his win. Kolin Styles who technically crossed the line second was named the winner with a time of 2:37:53.

Even though this might not have been his preferred mode of winning, Styles said he'll "take it." Downard says he plans to compete in the race again next year -- officially.

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