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Ann Coulter to O'Reilly: Michigan Win Shows 'Democrats Are Terrified' of Romney


She also thinks the primary race has gone far enough.

During an appearance on the O'Reilly Factor Wednesday evening, Ann Coulter told host Bill O'Reilly that Mitt Romney's victory in the Michigan primary shows "Democrats are terrified" of the GOP front-runner.

"I think this has gone far enough," Coulter said regarding the length of the primary race. "It's just depleting resources that Mitt Romney is going to need to run against Obama." She asked, “at what point do the other candidates have to drop out?”

Coulter also addressed the rumors that Ron Paul and Romney colluded over a potential cabinet position for Paul's son, Rand. She said she did not believe there was any merit to the claims. “Of course Ron Paul supports Mitt Romney,” she pointed out, “he was also soft on Herman Cain.”

Coulter added that Paul “admires people in the private sector” more than career politicians.

Watch the segment below via Mediaite:

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