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Huntsman daughter recaps everything you already know


MSNBC contributor and natural wordsmith Meghan McCain has monopolized the field of dim, privileged daughter punditry. Not anymore!

Today the Huffington Post has an op-ed by Abby Livingston, one of Jon Huntsman's daughters, about the Republican primary process. It's thoughtfully headlined  "What's taking so long?" Are we there yet? Are we there yet?! Now?!

In the column, Abby shines her light of truth on just what is taking so long for the GOP to pick a nominee. Here are some things you already knew highlights:

--"At this point in 2008, Senator McCain was the clear front-runner, with no talk of a brokered convention. Not the case today."

--"[The news media] have been able to utilize forums and questioning that focus on scandal and conflict rather than the most pertinent issues of the day."

--"Although no one can be certain, I would argue that the divided electorate, with divergent opinions and priorities, is most responsible for the current divide and uncertainty within the party today."

The conclusion: "[T]his may be the perfect time for the party to re-evaluate and begin rebuilding its core."

Abby is destined for stardom. Beyond Twitter, I mean.

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