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Angry Frenchman Sues Google for 'Street View' Image Showing Him Urinating on His Front Lawn


Neighbors identified him "almost immediately"

A Frenchman is suing Google for 10,000 euros after the tech giant posted an image of him urinating on the flowerbeds of his front lawn.  Visible in the "Street Views" section of "Maps," the man only became aware of the photo after he became an object of ridicule in his small town of 3,000.  Though his face was blurred out, neighbors identified him "almost immediately."

"Everyone has the right to a degree of secrecy," said his lawyer, Jean-Noel Bouillard.  "In this particular case, it's more amusing than serious. But if he'd been caught kissing a woman other than his wife, he would have had the same issue."

So, how far is too far?  If you're performing embarrassing actions in full view of the road, is it fair game?  Or does Google have a responsibility to monitor for such photos before posting them?

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