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Ron Paul on Winning the Primary: 'The Chances Are Slim


Congressman Ron Paul appeared on "Face the Nation" with Bob Schieffer this morning, addressing a question that has followed his campaign for some time: is he in the race to win the presidency, or just to make a point?  In response to Schieffer's question, Ron Paul reiterated that he does not believe it is an "either/or" issue, but rather, "if you're in a race to make a point, or to promote a cause, the best way to do that is to win...[but] do I believe the chances are slim?  Yes, I do..."

Congressman Paul also addressed the allegation that he is in "cahoots" with Mitt Romney, perhaps in exchange for a VP pick for his son, Senator Rand Paul.  In the words of Rush Limbaugh, "I'm just beginning to see huge advantages to Romney if Ron Paul stays in.  I can see Romney offering a plum to Ron Paul's son...If you've noticed, Ron Paul never rips Romney...In fact, Ron Paul joins the chorus of those defending Romney sometimes."  When asked if there was any veracity to the claim, Paul went on the offensive against Rick Santorum, saying he is "just trying to talk about something," is "concocting conspiracies," and that neither he nor his son would agree to it.


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