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Romney explains why he won't light his hair on fire


Mitt Romney said last week he wouldn't light his "hair on fire to try and get support." Now we know why. It has to do with the endorsement he received yesterday from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

While campaigning in Ohio today, a man asked Romney, "Do you think that Eric Cantor, his endorsement, marks a major turning point in this campaign – and did it come along with a can of flame-retardant hairspray?"

Romney answered that he hoped the endorsement would make a difference. And of the hairspray, he laughed and said, "I’m not sure— the comment about the flame retardant. I pointed out that I don’t think in this race I would light my hair on fire, and someone suggested there’s enough oil in my hair it would burn for days if I were to do that."

Via the Washington Post

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