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Obama's 'Got a Friend'... in Longtime Crooner James Taylor


"It just makes me feel wonderful to see him in the White House... I really love this president."

James Taylor has gone "all in" for President Obama recently, enthusiastically discussing how he is eager to blend his music with politics.

“I am so – I really love this president.  I love what it says about America, that we were able to elect this man,” he said in an interview with WCNC.

After being honored by the White House for his musical achievements last week, Taylor was asked how he feels about Obama's 2012 prospects.  “I think that the administration has been almost too modest in their accomplishments,” he responded, “and it’s remarkable to me that they get blamed for the problems that the people we elect actually haven’t caused. I’m hoping the American public understands [how] we got here, [and] what we’ve got in this president, a remarkable leader. It just makes me feel wonderful to see him in this White House..."

According to ABC News:

Taylor will hit the road in June and July for 18 concerts, including stops in general election battlegrounds Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Ohio and Colorado, where, he said, he will proudly promote Obama.

He performed Friday at two fundraisers for the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., that were also attended by first lady Michelle Obama. The events raised at least $675,000.

Watch a 1971 James Taylor perform "You've Got a Friend," below:

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