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Actress Playing Sarah Palin in 'Game Change': 'I'm a Liberal Democrat


"You know, I’m leaving politics out of this."

Actress Julianne Moore may be playing Sarah Palin in HBO's "Game Change," but make no mistake -- it is acting. Moore's own politics bear no resemblance to Palin's. While being interviewed on the red carpet yesterday, Moore let slip that she sides more with President Obama than Palin, even going so far as to refuse to comment on whether she supported anything Palin believed while praising Obama.

"You know, I’m leaving politics out of this. And she’s not a political figure right now, I mean, I think she’s a--right now--she’s a correspondent for Fox News," Moore said. When asked the same question about whether she supported Obama's policies, though, she was far more forthcoming:

“Yes. I’m a Liberal Democrat. So, yes.”

Here's video of the exchange, courtesy of CNS News:

The CNS News story, however, does quote Moore saying a few encouraging things regarding her portrayal:

When asked what it was like to play Sarah Palin, Moore said, “It was fascinating. It really, really was. I mean, I think whenever you’re playing a living figure, let alone a historically and culturally significant one, you have a tremendous responsibility to be as accurate as possible, to be as true as possible.”

“So it was a daunting task,” Moore said. “I had--fortunately, everything is documented. I have a lot of things to draw on. There’s YouTube, all the books. And I really just tried to work within those parameters and be true within the characterization.”

To be fair to Moore, she didn't write the script, which will probably influence the portrayal of Palin far more than her. Nor is it impossible for a liberal actress to do justice to a conservative woman's career -- Meryl Streep recently won an Academy Award for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher, a portrayal that was praised by political commentators of all stripes even as the script was panned.

The script, however, may be more problematic in this case than even in Thatcher's case. McCain staffers have already condemned it as an exercise in giving fiction a bad name.

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