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Fewer Americans Support Afghanistan War Under Impression That Afghans Don't Support It Either


"a new 'driver' behind the current lack of support for the war..."

Recent polls are showing less and the less support for the war in Afghanistan among the American people.

According to the Washington Post, referring to a March 7-10 poll, "60 percent of Americans see the war as not worth its costs, nearly double the 35 percent saying the decade-long effort has warranted the expense and lost lives. There has been consistent majority opposition to the war for nearly two years."

But the Washington Post speculates that there is a new "driver" behind the current lack of support for the war— the perception that Afghans themselves either don't support, or resent, our efforts.

"Just 30 percent of Americans sense that most Afghans endorse what the United States is trying to do, and two-thirds of those who see Afghans as behind U.S. initiatives there, want American troops to stay in the country until the Afghan army has been trained as a capable fighting force. It’s a mirror-image among those who see the Afghans as opposing the U.S. role: here, two-thirds want a troop withdrawal, regardless of the Afghans’ capacity," according to the Washington Post.

Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, endorsed a "code of conduct" for women last week that closely resembles standards imposed upon women under the Taliban.  Many see such actions as a disheartening step backward, and are reluctant to continue putting American lives at stake for people who may disregard or dislike our efforts.

Watch the "Real News from The Blaze" team discuss the issue, below:


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