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Tebow Plays Football and 'Tebows' With 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient


"Tebow's invitation was completely unexpected"

Preston Winslow, a four-year-old boy with acute myeloid leukemia, received the surprise of a lifetime on Saturday when Tim Tebow invited him to play some football.

According to Preston's mother, Tebow's invitation was completely unexpected.  She said of the phone call, "the person on the other end was like, 'Hi Celeste, this is Tim Tebow,' and in shock, I was like 'no way.'"

Because Preston's father was a University of Florida graduate, Preston has followed Tebow throughout his entire career.  When he met Tebow, he was wearing his number 15 Broncos jersey.

The Daily Mail recounts:

"Taking the boy's hand, the two walked onto the indoor sports field together which - to his parents' surprise - led to the two running and playing around.

'Are you ready to catch it?', Tebow asked the boy, according to WPTV. 'Are you chasing me?'

'It amazes me at how much energy he had out there playing and running around. He didn't even want to stop,' said Mrs Winslow.


Leaving no opportunity missed, Tebow also took time to show the boy how to 'Tebow' with him, as it's called - a popular reference to the athlete's kneel for prayer during games.

Preston mimicked the stance, with both resting their left elbow on their left knee while their right knee stayed firmly on the ground."

Despite a costly bone marrow transplant in June of 2011, the family discovered six months later that Preston's cancer had returned.  According to Preston's League, a website that his parents update, "After two rounds of chemo, we have been told that treatment has not worked and Preston will not be able to move forward with a second transplant." 

"I just think that it's so wonderful that Tim reaches out to these kids, you know, who have these health issues and this prognosis and gives [them] his time and gives them some extra happiness," Mrs. Willow said. 

Tebow, too, was reportedly incredibly moved by the event, and by Preston's courage.

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