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Inconvenient Photo Taken at Exxon Gas Station Just Outside White House


The picture says it all.

A picture is worth a thousand words and this one speaks volumes. On March 13, The Weekly Standard posted the following photo of an Exxon gas station's price marquee. The station is within walking distance -- approximately one mile -- of the White House and the listed price for its supreme grade is frighteningly pushing $6.


Washington DC Gas Prices confirms the price for regular grade gasoline at $5.39 on March 13. The station is located at 2708 Virginia Ave NW and Rock Creek Pkwy. -- approximately 1.2 miles from the White House.

Some argue that this particular gas station is known for charging far more than other gas stations in the area and beyond, and therefore is not indicative of typical gas prices. However, there is a station in the Los Angeles area that has exceed $6.00 for premium grade. Chevron at 811 Olympic Blvd is charging $5.99 -- $6.19 as of March 14. A Mobil station at 201 S. Azusa Ave., in West Covina (also in the L.A. area), is charging $5.31 -- $5.59.  

The second-highest gas prices to date in DC are located at another Exxon station at 2150 M Street NW, where regular grade costs $4.69 and supreme grade costs $4.99 -- in other words, $5.00.

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Click here to read Blaze financial expert Matt McCall's assessment of rising gas prices and why he believes Americans across the country could soon be paying $5.00-plus at the pump.

Nonetheless, the fact that there is a gas station -- any station -- charging $5.39 -- $5.69 -- is indicative of skyrocketing prices across the nation -- especially in and around major metropolitan cities -- and is a troubling scenario to say the least.


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