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Romney eats something called 'meatloaf cakes' for his Bday


Anything generally described as "meat" and is shaped into a "loaf" just sounds unappetizing. But if you then take that loaf of meat and further manipulate it into a "cake," it's even weirder.

But on his birthday every year, Mitt Romney gets what Mitt Romney wants. And meatloaf cakes are what he wants. Romney explained how his wife Ann makes them recently:

“She makes these little meatloaf cakes about that big,” he said, widening his hands to the size of a saucer, “and covers them with this sweet sauce.”

“It’s ketchup, cinnamon,” he continued, before his wife, Ann, cut him off.

“The reason he likes it,” she said with a laugh, “it’s brown sugar and ketchup.”

That sounds dee-lish. Romney turned 65 yesterday. I hope he got all the meatloaf cakes he could take.

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