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What's With David Axelrod's Weird Tweet About Mormons? And Why Did He Delete It?


Top Obama re-election adviser David Axelrod posted -- and then deleted -- something of a head-scratching tweet Monday that included a link to a news story about menstruating Mormon women being barred from official ceremonies.

"Wring URS. This is the Medicare story," Axelrod tweeted Monday afternoon with a link to this story from the Salt Lake Tribune, titled: "Menstruating Mormons barred from temple proxy baptisms?"

From the article:

Mormon feminists recently learned that some young women were wrongly blocked from doing LDS proxy baptisms – which include wearing all-white clothing and being fully immersed in water – because they were menstruating. Though this was not a consistent prohibition, the women had anecdotal evidence that it was happening in some Mormon temples, including several in Utah. Trouble is, such a ban is bogus.

As the Atlantic Wire despaired: "What does it all mean?!"

What does "wring" mean? And what is URS? We may never know: Axelrod quickly deleted it.

He replaced it about an hour later with another tweet about Medicare.

"This is proper link to Medicare story. Mitt won't take it, but most Americans would lose under Mitt-Ryan voucher," he wrote, linking this time to a Politico story about Mitt Romney declining to sign up for Medicare on his birthday.

The Atlantic had several theories about the tweet and its subsequent disappearance from Axelrod's Twitter account: That it could have been a kind of "on-purpose accident" to "promote the idea that Mormons are weird"; that it was meant as a private message but was mistakenly posted to his main account; or that he sent the wrong short-linked article by accident.

The Obama campaign wrote in to the Atlantic to say Axelrod "mistakenly tweeted out a link to the wrong story."

Unfortunately, the meaning of "Wring URS" received no such clarification.

(h/t Free Beacon)

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