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Krauthammer Says 'War on Women' Knock Against GOP Is a 'Classic Example of Liberal Echo Chamber Elite Cocooning


The phrase "The GOP's War on Women," which is most often thrown around by Democrats and liberal commentators, may be a bit strong. Especially when considering that the phrase is most often used to describe objections to government mandating that employers pay for services for their employees, even ones that go against the employer's moral conscience.

What does Washington Post columnist and PBS "Inside Washington" commentator Charles Krauthammer call the phrase? "A classic example of liberal echo chamber elite cocooning."


In making his case, Krauthammer cites a CBS News/New York Times poll released last Monday which shows only 36 percent of those surveyed believe religiously affiliated employers should have to cover birth control, in comparison to 57 percent who believe they should be able to opt out for religious/moral reasons. Fifty-one percent of those polled believe all employers should be able to opt out, to only 40 percent who believe they should have to cover the service.

MRC video of Krathammer's comments regarding reaction to the contraception mandate controversy:

Along with his harsh words on PBS, Krauthammer landed additional blows against liberals Friday during an appearance on Fox News.

While speaking with Rich Lowry on "Hannity" Krauthammer went to town on the president's Thursday speech on energy policy. President Obama's speech included jabs at former President Rutherford B. Hayes, making claims that several media outlets and historians have deemed to be inaccurate.  Krauthammer called Obama's comments regarding Hayes and energy policy Thursday, "a double technical."

The Daily Caller captured video of the appearance:

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