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Laziest You've Ever Seen? Basketball Ref. Officiates Games From Chair at Center Court


"I'd fire him."

Anyone who has ever watched or even played basketball has likely complained about the officiating. They don't have their eyes open, some may exclaim. They're so lazy, others might yell. And while many times these are just fanatic rantings or heated athletes letting off some steam, you're about to see a case where they might just apply. Meet the referee who just officiated a couple games from a chair at center court.

In a video that's making the rounds on sports sites, the referee can be seen making calls from her folding chair in the middle of the court. At one point, she (identified as Nicole Henry) even throws up a jump ball and then scrambles to her spot:

It all went down at a recent ScoutsFocus Elite Showcase in Greensboro, North Carolina.

So, you might be thinking: What if the referee was just hurt, possibly cramping up? Yahoo deals with that theory:

Yes, it's always possible that there was some kind of health reason why Henry had to sit down. Yet, if there was one, she didn't clear it with anyone else at the event, and it must have come on incredibly suddenly, because she officiated all of her games during the morning session while standing up. The organizer of the evident also said he was confident that she wasn't sick because the coordinator of the referees for the event didn't disclose any issues about any of his officials working the showcase.

In fact, Henry even called approximately the first five minutes of her final two games from her feet before retreating back to the chair. In neither case did she grab her calf or her side, which would have been indicative of a cramp. Rather, it just seemed like she didn't want to run anymore.

It appears the referee might not be officiating much in the future. When the head of officiating for the area was presented with a hypothetical about a referee working a game from a folding chair and asked hat he would do, he responded simply, "I'd fire him."

Or her.

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