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Police Stop 'Batman' For Improper Car Tags


"Crime fighting is not what it used to be"

The police must have had quite a laugh in Montgomery County, MD, after they pulled over a Lamborghini for not having proper tags.  The driver instead displayed the Batman logo, and after they pulled him over, the police found him dressed like Batman, too.

The Montgomery County Police Department has a Facebook page where they put up photos of the event.  Commenters soon overwhelmed the page with statements like:

'Crime fighting is not what it used to be!'

'...Batman's greatest weakness, traffic cops'

'Why so serious, MCPD?'

'Bff! Boom! Pow!'

Officer Janelle Smith, who acts also acts as a police spokeswoman, clarified that the man is a "good samaritan," and was previously at the hospital entertaining sick children.  They let him off with a warning, and sent him on his way.

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