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8-Year-Old's iPad App Helps Catch Burglar of at Least Two Thefts


"You don't mess with our family."

Like any other 8-year-old who is fortunate enough to own an iPad -- or have access to mom and dad's -- Landon Crabtree downloaded gaming apps like "Temple Run," "Pet Shop Story," and "Minecraft." What may set the Tennessee third-grader apart though is a tracking app he downloaded and has since used to help lead authorities to the suspected burglar of at least two robberies.

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According to the Tennessean, Crabtree's family home was robbed and his iPad was among the many items stolen. The tech-savvy boy said he got on YouTube to learn how to use the app to locate his iPad. When he did, it was only four miles away:

“It’s a different generation,” said Landon’s father, Richard, who was, no doubt, surprised and then delighted by his son’s cleverness. “I never knew something like this existed, and I never thought my 8-year-old would figure out how to download it and come down and tell me this is where our stuff is.”

The iPad app lead police to the Ambassador Inn Motel in Manchester, according to the Tennessean, where John Docherty, 46, was found with many stolen items, including some from at least one other robbery of a Franklin apartment complex. Docherty matched a sketch artist's rendition of the robber described in the Franklin burglary.

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The Tennessean reports that while Docherty is being held at the Coffee County jail, police are looking into other burglaries in the area to see if there are further connections.

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