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Spike Lee's Co.: 'No Comment' on Tweeting Wrong Address for Zimmerman (Explicit Content)

Movie director Spike Lee (AP)

Content warning: this post contains graphic and offensive language.

Film director Spike Lee isn't apologizing for re-posting George Zimmerman's purported address on Twitter, with his production company only telling Fox News they have "no comment" on the matter.

According to Fox Nation, Lee's 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks company issued the "no comment" to Jesse Watters of "The O'Reilly Factor."

As The Blaze previously reported, Lee retweeted two messages claiming to be the address of the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. The messages were quickly re-posted all over Twitter, some with threatening messages directed at Zimmerman, including "#Dead" and "Let's turn up the heat on his b-tch ass."

It later emerged that the address Lee posted was not in fact Zimmerman's residence, but the home of an elderly couple now fearful for their safety. According to the Orlando Sentinel, the couple have temporarily moved into a hotel to escape the hate mail they're now receiving, as well as any possible danger.

The messages were still visible on Lee's Twitter account Wednesday afternoon, five days after they first appeared. Lee -- who has more than 240,000 followers -- has since written and re-posted dozens of messages about Martin, but none that appear to retract or apologize for the address tweets.

Along with re-posting numerous pictures of Twitter users wearing hoodies in Martin's honor, Lee has also taken to retweeting vulgar, racist messages directed at him:

"People,The Thinking Behind Me Retweeting These Insane Racist Rants Is Because This Sickness Must Be Exposed.USA Post Racial Society?????????" Lee tweeted about the messages.

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