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Beck: Obama Needs 'Gamblers Anonymous' for Wanting to 'Double-Down' on Green Energy


"Gamblers anonymous" needs to call the White House...

"Is the president a gambling addict?"

That was the question asked by Glenn Beck, Stu Burguiere and Pat Gray on Friday morning's radio broadcast after President Obama urged Congress to end "Big Oil" tax credits in an effort to "double-down" on green energy. Beck and his co-hosts argued that, after having lost $500 million on Solyndra and funneling billions of taxpayer dollars into green energy initiatives through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (stimulus), the president should instead seek the help of "gamblers anonymous."

In his first public statement since returning from South Korea, the president took to the White House Rose Garden Thursday morning where he pleaded with lawmakers to end "taxpayer subsidies" to oil companies. Obama said that oil companies are essentially taking advantage of Americans by receiving what he called "billions a year" in "taxpayer subsidies," and therefore, the public should fight back. Beck and Burguiere pointed out, however, that certain oil companies do not even receive energy credits based on their very size and scale, and that what the president was actually referring to in this instance were tax "deductions."

Beck then jokingly asked the president if, after donating to charity and declaring the deduction on his tax return, he referred to it as a "taxpayer subsidy."

"Every business gets deductions!" Beck and his co-hosts exclaimed.

They went on to mock Obama's own personal tax deductions, saying "that is the money" Americans should "double down" on clean energy investments with.

In his speech, Obama also declared clean energy investments "have never been more promising" yet, as Beck and his crew pointed out, "they're all going out of business."

After clarifying that the definition of "double-down" is derived from gambling, Beck said Obama "needs therapy" and that "someone from gamblers anonymous" should call the White House and "share therapy" with the president.

Beck then asked listeners to "go to the constitution" and find where it says a president can gamble with the states' money.

"I'd rather have the president go to a convenience store and just buy lottery tickets," Beck quipped. That would be "better than what this president wants to do."

The crew then asked if Obama would be subject to a windfall tax if his lottery ticket won.

Meanwhile House Republicans on Thursday introduced a bill proposing to merge the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy. Supporters say the move could save $5.3 billion by cutting redundant functions. GOP leaders may also see the move as a way to level greater control over the EPA.

Watch Beck and his crew break down Obama's urge to "double-down":

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