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Fired For Being Over-Exposed: Reporter Sarah Tressler Fired for Stripping


Now a "stripper professor," rather than a stripper, professor and journalist.

Journalists, as a general rule, hate to let themselves become the story. However, there are exceptions, and one of them has just left the Houston Chronicle's newsroom. Her name is Sarah Tressler, and she is a high society reporter with a degree from NYU who just happens to also rock the pole in a pair of six-inch heels and not terribly much else:

Tressler's firing hasn't left her down and out, though - quite the opposite, in fact. She doesn't seem to care at all. Describing herself as a "stripper-professor" (she's an adjunct professor at the University of Houston), Tressler says she makes more than enough money as a stripper to get by.

And if you're curious what exactly that experience entails, never fear - Tressler keeps her own blog about the experience of taking clothes off for money. There are also warnings on the blog toward any men who might think of dating a stripper - according to Tressler, it's not as cool as you might think. Here are some of her reasons:

8. If you don’t like us dancing, you better be prepared to support our lifestyle. Otherwise, we don’t want to hear your bitching.

9. We’re kind of manipulative, even if we’re not trying to be.

10. Don’t get in without an iron-clad way to get out. Or you’ll lose your house (and/or wife, and/or sanity).

Gawker, meanwhile, ponders the deep existential question of whether being a reporter or being a stripper is more shameful. They lean towards reporter. What do you think? Weigh in below.

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