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Soldier Returns Home to Loving Dog's Ecstatic Show of Affection


"Daddy's home!"

Chuck the Boxer's ecstatic canine greeting of his soldier owner who has returned home from eight months of war is warming hearts across the internet as the youtube video goes viral.

The video has garnered over two million views in the week since it was posted on March 22. 

It all starts out with the furry friend in the back of a pick-up truck, which appears to be in a parking lot in Germany.

The soldier's wife says the words "daddy's home." Like a runner who hears the starter pistol at the beginning of a race, Chuck leaps into a full sprint to tackle his owner with a barrage of licks and playful hugs.

Chuck the Boxer becomes so excited, he knocks off his owner's sunglasses and almost pushes the soldier onto the ground to cover him with even more loving licks.

Watch the heart-warming youtube video below for a poignant reminder of why we call dogs "man's best friend":

Surprisingly, this is not Chuck the Boxer's first brush with internet celebrity. He was a canine  a viral video hit last year, when he welcomed home his owner in February 2011.

In that YouTube clip, a skinnier, puppy-aged Chuck slips around on the wooden floor of his home to give his master the warmest greeting possible. 

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