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Always Some Bull****': Congresswoman Who Couldn't Remember White Murder Victim Lashes Out at Reporter


Rep. Corrine Brown, the Democratic congresswoman from Florida who was unable to remember the name of a white murder victim this week, lashed out at a local reporter Friday when asked about the incident.

During an appearance on CNN Wednesday, Brown was asked whether she and her fellow black colleagues would be as concerned about the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin if he hadn't been black. The Blaze was one of the first outlets to feature the clip, which quickly went viral.

“Oh let me tell you something. We had an incident in my area where a young white female was murdered and I was just as concerned, absolutely, I care about all of the children,” Brown responded.

But when CNN host Brooke Baldwin asked Brown what the victim's name was, Brown stammered and was unable to come up with it.

Interviewed Friday by Jacksonville CBS affiliate WTEV-TV, Brown grew incensed when asked what had happened:

"Was it just a memory lapse? Can you explain," Hill asked Brown.

Brown responded, "You know what, I have problems with reporters and the 'gotcha.' We were talking about a totally different case. So, now you're asking me about a case that happened two years ago. We're talking about the Somer case."

"So, you do know her name," Hill said.

"I went to the wake. I participated."

But things escalated from there.

"One of the things that I have problems with, in the media is, it's always some bull****," Brown exclaimed into our camera.

Brown went on to say she gave money to the local sheriff's office during the investigation into the death of 7-year-old Somer Thompson -- a total of $30,000, Clay County Sheriff Rick Beseler told WTEV.

She said she only brought up Thompson to draw a contrast between the performance of the Clay County Sheriff's Office and the Sanford Police Department, which is handling the Martin case and has "done everything wrong."

She told WTEV she will not be making another appearance on Baldwin's show.

"Reporters are always trying to make a name for themselves and for sure I will not be back on that program," Brown said.

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