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Geraldo Interviews Trayvon's Parents -- Apologizes for Hoodie Comments


"I never intended to hurt your feelings."

NY Daily News:

Geraldo Rivera personally apologized to  Trayvon Martin’s parents Sunday night for saying that children shouldn’t wear hoodies because “Trayvon’s hoodie killed him as surely as George Zimmerman did."

“Thank you for the apology. Your apology is accepted,” Trayvon's father Tracy Martin told Rivera on Fox on Sunday night.

Tracy Martin said that at the time of the incident it was raining and Trayvon was just covering himself up.

“Trayvon had every right to have on his hood. He was protecting himself from the rain. When being suspicious walking in the rain with your hoodie on is a crime, then I guess the world is doing something wrong,” Tracy Martin said.

Here is a more complete section from the Geraldo interview:

Fox News:

As far as groups like the Black Panthers who have said there is a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, Tracy said, “First and foremost, me and my family as well as our attorneys are promoting non-violence in this issue. We just want a peaceful resolution.”

Attorney for the family, Ben Crump, added that “The only people we want to make an arrest is the lawful authorities. We do not for the record acquiesce or suggest anybody, Black Panthers or anybody, try to take the law into their own hands because then we’ll be guilty of what we’re saying George Zimmerman did that night.”

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