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Ann Coulter: Marco Rubio Shouldn't Be Vice-President in 2012


"If we’re only picking Rubio because he’s a Hispanic, I’m just opposed to that on principle."

Ann Coulter has never been known for spewing incessant niceties. The famed conservative political commentator is an outspoken voice in the conservative movement and she isn't afraid to offend nor is she coy when it comes to disagreeing with her fellow talking heads.

In an interview on Monday night with FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly, Coulter doubled down on her belief that Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) should not be the 2012 vice-presidential candidate.

Following Rubio’s endorsement of GOP front-runner Mitt Romney and speculation that he may, indeed, be among candidates being considered for the vice-presidential slot, Coulter had some advice for the Florida politician. In a back-and-forth with O’Reilly, she said that Rubio should “keep doing what he’s doing.” Rather than seeking an executive-level spot, Coulter believes it would be prudent for the senator to wait eight years to run for president himself.

In addition to claiming that she doesn’t believe 2012 is an appropriate year for Rubio to seek nation's second-in-command spot, Coulter reiterated her belief that Romney will win in November. Additionally, she said that the presidential candidate doesn’t need Rubio to take Florida.

Coulter and O’Reilly disagreed over Rubio’s usefulness as a Hispanic candidate running on the Republican ticket. While O’Reilly seems to believe he would be a benefit to the party, Coulter stated her stance against putting Rubio up simply because of his Cuban background.

“If we’re only picking Rubio because he’s a Hispanic, I’m just opposed to that on principle,” Coulter said. “The pandering…any Hispanic who’s going to vote for a ticket just because there’s a Hispanic on the ticket isn’t going to vote for a Republican anyway.”

While some may take these comments to mean that the commentator doesn’t particularly like Rubio, she claims this isn’t the case and that she “loves” the politician. However, his youth is a major factor that seems to play into her statements against his vice-presidential consideration.

Instead, Coulter explains that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie or Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl would be better options in 2012.

Watch the dialogue, below:

(H/T: FOX News Insider)

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