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See Burqa-Clad Australian Men Clash With a Muslim Man While Protesting Islamic Garb


"[The burqa's] got no place in Australia — it's a front to a civilized country like Australia."

It isn't often that one has the opportunity to see men donning burqas, yet here I am for the second time in one week writing about men cross-dressing in Islamic garb. While the first story was about Taliban members attempting to use women's clothing to infiltrate the U.S. military in Afghanistan, the newest report is about Australian protesters -- both men and women -- who decked themselves out in full burqa coverings in an effort to get the outfit banned.

The protest, which took place in Sydney, Australia, featured members of a group called Faceless. The individuals behind the veils went to a courthouse, a pub and a bank in an effort to see how people would react to their full coverings. According to Nine News, they didn't receive much of a response. However, when they showed up outside of parliament, a Muslim man who was less than content with their tactics became vocal, boisterous and -- borderline violent.

Perhaps the burqa-wearing protesters' efforts were best described by Nicholas Folkes, a member of the group. He made it clear that the burqa should be banned in Australia just as it has been in France (although the group dubbed their effort more rooted in "research" than "protest").

"It's got no place in Australia — it's a front to a civilized country like Australia," the Faceless member alleged.

These comments, teamed with the Faceless protesters' actions, led to shouting and angst. The Muslim man became so outraged by Folkes and his compatriots that he allegedly pulled at the veils on their faces; at one point it looked as though he was pushing one of the protesters. The man also allegedly spit on the ground, then said, "That's what I think of you," according to Nine News.

Of course, it didn't help that someone connected to Faceless purportedly called the Islamic Prophet Mohammed "a rat."

Watch the video footage, below (caution: violence and language):

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