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Meet the Teen Exorcists Who Claim They're Battling Real-Life Demons


"We're just normal girls who are doing something extraordinary for God."

It's like "Charlie's Angels" meets "The Exorcist" -- only it's real (allegedly). In an ABC News report, George Stephanopoulos provides details about young, Christian girls who have been trained to exorcise clients. The news piece features three, Arizona-based young women who were trained at a real-life Hogwarts of sorts.

Working in a so-called "deliverance ministry," the demon-fighting girls -- 17-year-old Brynne, 20-year-old Savannah and 17-year-old Tess -- perform alleged spiritual procedures to rid the possessed of evil sprits.

"After seeing an actual exorcism led by us, you will walk away with no doubts whatsoever," Brynne promises in an attempt to stem both criticism and skepticism. "We're just normal girls who are doing something extraordinary for God."

It is Brynne's father, the Rev. Bob Larson, who leads the troop and who has taught them everything they know about possession and deliverance. He claims to have performed thousands of exorcisms over the past three decades.

"I know it sounds controversial, but maybe half [of the world's] population [is possessed]," Larson says.

The New York Daily News has more:

During one "exorcism," the young women are shown chanting and shouting at their charges, before pronouncing them free of demons.

When asked if she was worried they may be harming already mentally ill — not possessed — people, Brynne didn't hesitate.

"No," she said, smiling. "We do this under dad's supervision. We never do it alone."

Below, watch the report, which provides more information on the girls as well as a few clips from the exorcisms they perform:

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