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Parody: See How Google's Augmented-Reality Glasses Will Have You Running Into Lamp Posts


Yesterday, Google showed us a concept design for what its augmented-reality glasses could look like -- and what they could do. First and foremost, they will make you look like Star Trek's Geordi LaForge -- a dream I've had since childhood when I would pretend to be him with a headband over my eyes. As you go about everyday activities, these glasses would let you see the temperature outside, receive and send messages, let you know of appointments and more.

But that's just one side of the story. In a satirical video of Google's Project Glass released yesterday, one man sets out to show you the unintended consequences associated with these glasses. Check it out (Warning: Some strong language):

Basically, if you wear these glasses, you're going to run into a bunch of stuff. It's inevitable. As you focus on the latest picture your mom texted you of her oh so important Labrador, you could very well run into a lamp post. Just because the images are right in front of your face, doesn't mean it's any safer than using your thumbs to text and walk at the same time.

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And while we're on the topic of parodies, a couple spoofs on what modern social media sites and games would look like in earlier decades has also been making its rounds on the 'net. These creations by Squirrel Monkey could actually be useful for showing kids what technology was like and how it functioned in the 1980s and 90s, while using platforms they understand like Facebook, Angry Birds and Twitter.


Here's what Facebook would have looked like in the 90s (Warning: Some strong language):

Check out Angry Birds in the 80s:

And how about Twitter on dial-up:

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