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Lightning Rod for Controversy': Another American Flag With Obama's Face Shows Up In South Jersey


"I fought for that flag, I just don't want a face."

The mid-Atlantic might widely be seen as a pro-Obama region of the United States, but apparently there's such a thing as going too far even there - and a sleepy neighborhood full of senior citizens has just drawn the line. After an Obama supporter brought home three flags which replaced the stars on the American flag with a giant picture of President Obama's face, many in the community - whose residents include some military veterans - expressed anger. CBS Philadelphia has a video report on the subject:

"I fought for that flag, I just don't want a face," said one veteran.

"I don't want to be called a racist because I object to the flag, the American flag, where the stars are removed to put a face. I don't care if it's a can of peas. It don't belong on my American flag," said another resident.

Ironically enough, the man who hung the flag is himself a veteran.

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