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Caption that photo!: The winner


We asked you yesterday to caption that photo!

The winner:

"Bill? Bill who?"-- PAVEPAWS


"Not again Joe, you have to put the toast IN the toaster, then push the button!"-- ALLAMERICANGIRL22

“I’ve set the contrast up to max…yet why is the screen so dark?”-- KICKINBACK

"Oh for God’s sake! No Bill, I don‘t know when I’ll be HOME! Is that a problem for you?"-- LUCY LARUE

"Kim Jung-il lives, in drag."-- CAROLYN252

"Ok Bill, if you didn’t mean to send this picture of your wiener to me, then who DID you mean to send it to?"-- BALTHAZOR

"Bill, you're getting a little too old for this sexting thing aren’t you?-- ZEN PATRIOT

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