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Romney and RNC file paperwork to form a joint fundraising committee


The presidential campaign of Mitt Romney has been the first to make an official move on the invitation from the Republican National Committee to start raising money jointly.


POLITICO has obtained official filings made Friday by Keith A. Davis of political accounting firm Huckaby Davis Lisker to establish Romney Victory, Inc., the joint fundraising committee that will include the Romney campaign, the RNC, the Idaho Republican Party, Oklahoma Leadership Council, Vermont Republican Federal Election Committee and the Massachusetts Republican State Congressional Committee as participants. Davis will serve as treasurer.

POLITICO notes that joint fundraising committees may raise money on behalf of any or all of its member committees and distribute contributions to them at its discretion, so long as the contributions stay within federal campaign finance limits.

The joint committee will allow top donors to write checks as large as $75,000 per person, by giving to party organizations in addition to the campaign. During the primary process campaign donors are limited to $2,500, and another $2,500 for the general election.

The Wall Street Journal first reported Tuesday that Romney would be the first of the four remaning viable Republican candidates to accept an invitation from the RNC to participate in joint fundraising. A spokesman for Newt Gingrich told WSJ that he didn't plan to work alongside the RNC, and Rick Santorum's campaign said they had no plans to join forces, but "would be happy to raise money with the RNC." The Ron Paul campaign did not immediately respond to WSJ.


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