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Beck Builds His Own 'Oval Office' -- And Here's Why


"primarily Reagan-esque in tone"

No, Glenn Beck is not running for president. But he will be delivering speeches from the Oval Office. Well, sort of.

Over the weekend, we brought you behind-the-scenes pictures of Beck sitting in what appeared to be the most famous office space in the world:

And now we can tell you why: Beck has built a massive, Oval Office replica in his Dallas, TX studios as part of a new segment he'll be delivering on his GBTV show.

The segment will feature "the things we wish the President would say to the American people - or the things he should say." As Beck's team puts it, “The speeches will be three to four minutes in length, will be delivered from an exact replica of The Oval and will be primarily Reagan-esque in tone.”

You can see the first speech on Wednesday. Beck will have more details Monday night on GBTV at 5pm ET.

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