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D.C. 'Is the Source of Our Problems': Beck Delivers The 'Oval Office' Speech Obama 'Should Have


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Those who have been following The Blaze and GBTV might already know about the launch of Glenn Beck's American Dream Labs and some of the new initiatives slated to take place this year at this world-class studio. Wednesday night marked one such occasion as a true-to-life Oval Office replica was unveiled on GBTV at American Dream Labs. Better still, Beck delivered a speech -- the one President Obama "should have" -- from this very replica.

Members of the GBTV staff took great pains to reproduce the one-time movie-set to "exact-detail," even consulting a White House curator. Beck said the effort was intended to provide viewers a frame of reference and place from which to compare the president's past and future speeches against what he "should be saying."

"The Oval Office is a landmark," Beck said. It has always represented a "sense of stability," but as the First Lady warned us, "Barack... knows we're going to have to change our traditions."

Below is Michelle Obama in her own words:

"Barack knows we're gonna have to make sacrifices," Michelle Obama said. "We're gonna have to change our conversations. We're gonna have to change our traditions, our history. We're gonna have to move into a different place."

To illustrate, Beck asked viewers to imagine their families stopped celebrating birthdays and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Then, years later, Beck turns up and decides that it is high time their families started celebrating again. On Thanksgiving, "everyone gathers around the table to eat and in comes dad with the carving knives, ready to carve the turkey." But instead of turkey, "it's now chicken."

Since the main structure of the holiday had remained essentially the same, people would likely accept the chicken substitute, but the old traditions and symbolism they encompass would be gone. Tradition changed slowly, subtly while people moved on, not noticing the changes that had occurred around them.

That is what Beck sees happening: "we have chicken in the Oval Office."

Troubled with the fact that President Obama, in breaking with tradition, rarely uses the Oval Office as place from which to address the American people, Beck shared with viewers a stark observation: Obama uses the Oval Office as a prop only.

If one is vigilant a pattern emerges where Obama can be seen using various shots of the Oval Office

Below, Beck explains why the Oval Office is so important:

Beck scrolled through clips of Obama at the White House and a starting patter emerged. There Obama can be seen:

At the White House rose garden; near the cozy Oval Office fireplace; outside the Oval Office entrance; walking his dogs outside the Oval Office; chatting on the phone to Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev from the Oval Office; showing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt around the Oval office; and worst yet -- standing next to the Oval Office sewer gate. "The president is standing next to a sewer gate!" Beck exclaimed.

Along with being disrespectful, Beck noted "it is such a careless attitude to have."

Of all the beautiful and historic places in the White House to hold a press conference, "this was the best choice that day?" Beck quipped. He then asked why the podium was not placed by the White House "dumpster" instead.

Beck, bothered by the pattern, then asked who is "behind these decisions."

"They seem to treat the Oval Office like the president's best accessory."

Traditionally, the Oval Office is a symbol of power and strength. It is a security blanket and source of comfort for the American people. When the country is at war, or in times of strife, the president speaks from the Oval Office to provide a sense of solace to citizens. It is something of which to be proud. Yet Obama rarely stands there. And perhaps, it is because he doesn't want to.

"Everything in our culture is being changed," Beck observed, and "we can not lose our nation's symbols."

"We can't stand for distorted images of our country's history."

Traditionally, leaders and movements seeking to fundamentally transform nations change things subtly, over time. In turn, they will typically keep many of the familiar trappings so as not to rouse suspicion. Until one day "you wake up and don't realize how far you have come from the original ideals upon which the nation was founded."

Since President Obama has been in office he has addressed the nation from the Oval Office only twice. The first time was in June 2010 after the BP oil spill, the second just two months later when he announced to the nation that he would be ending the U.S. combat mission in Iraq. Compare these numbers to former presidents Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan, who addressed the country from the Oval Office nine times each in their first three years, respectively. For his part, George H.W. Bush conducted  all of his 11 speeches from the Oval Office.

"Our traditions are fading away," noted Beck solemnly.

Because of what he sees as a void in the current Oval Office, Beck then delivered the speech he believes Obama should have delivered two years ago. The video clip along with transcript is featured below.

Hinting to his speech, Beck said he would not tackle the current race-wars being waged across the country, as they anger him, and a speech from the Oval Office "should never be angry."

"It's measured, it's about values... principles." A leader "inspires people to be better than they are."

Below is Beck's speech. The one he believes Obama should have given:


Hello America,

Today we are going to try something new. 

I am going to sit here and say what we all know is true… but which everyone is afraid to say.

I am going to talk about what made this country is great… but why it is risking its greatness.

This is what our leaders should be doing. This is what our leaders are paid to do. This is why we give them advisers… and airplanes to travel the world… and beautiful offices, just like this one.

But they don't do it. They won't do it. 

So I will.

Let's start with a simple observation. Before World War II, before the New Deal, here is what Washington D.C. looked like. It was a backwater. A swampy, sleepy city where nothing much happened.

And that was by design. The Founding Fathers wanted Washington D.C. to be a city of inaction. Of limited power. 

Today, it is the imperial city. 

The Washington D.C. metropolitan area is the wealthiest area of the country. And yet it boasts only one industry - the government. Only one major employer - the government. And only one product - more government.

Today, we see Washington's growth has cost us. While Washington blossoms, America is hollowed out. Its once great industries and industrial cities have emptied out. Block after block. Abandoned.

But in Washington, there is no recession. Home prices continue to rise. Unemployment continues to fall. This is a city on the move. And it is on the move in the only direction it knows: Up. 

There is no such thing as a recession in government. When times are good, it gets bigger. When times are bad, it gets even bigger. 

The leaders in the imperial city now call for more taxes, more tribute and more government. They are willing to strangle the last remaining signs of life and prosperity in the great heartland. 

There is only one way out of this mess. 

And it is this: We must stop looking to Washington D.C. for solutions to the problems we face at home and in our communities. 

We must end our dependency on Washington D.C. We must look at Washington as the source of our problems… not the solution to them. When Washington comes to us selling their one product, which is more government, we will just say: No thanks. We're not interested… and we're not buying.

Simply doing that one thing will make a lot of things easier.

It will be easy to close federal departments and agencies. Empty them out. 

It will be easy to fire federal workers, and see them apply their skills in the private sector. Things will work out for them.

It will be easy to go back to the work of rebuilding our communities without the distraction and red tape created by every new law and regulation that comes out of Washington D.C. We will simply do the work that needed to be done.

That's where America's renewal will begin. I wish we could take the time to unwind Washington steadily and slowly, but I am afraid we are running out of time. We have to simply cut the cord, and let Washington go.

I know that will hurt home values in metropolitan Washington, but that's how these things go when you live in a one company town. 

And if Washington can't understand that, there are plenty of Americans who know what that's like. And if Washington is willing to listen, America is ready to share what it knows about resilience.

We will talk more about that next week.

Thanks for watching.

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