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Police Recover 26 Pages of 'Invisible Words' Written by Blind Woman Who Ran Out of Ink


"...they enjoyed the bit they read and can't wait for the rest."

It's devastating for writers when their computer crashes before they've remembered to save their work. Using a more traditional medium such as pen and ink can often be a safer bet. But Trish Vickers, a blind 59-year-old British novelist, lost 26 pages of work after her pen ran out of ink and she didn't notice.

Luckily, law enforcement was able to pitch in their expertise and recover the lost text.

The Daily Telegraph reports Vickers began writing after she lost her eyesight seven years ago to keep her mind active. She uses rubber bands to keep the lines of writing separate. It was her son who informed her she appeared to have run out of ink on about two dozen pages. Taking the pages to their local police department, forensic analysts in their free time helped decipher the words from the blank but still indented pages.

It wasn't easy work though. According to the Telegraph, getting all the invisible words using lights took specialists five months. Luckily, the story was compelling and the analysts said they looked forward to seeing the finished product.

The Telegraph has more from Vickers on the recovery of her story and her process of writing it:

"We battled with various ideas until we thought of the police. We rang them and asked to speak to their fingerprint section.

"They said if there was anything they could do they'd be happy to help. I was gobsmacked.

"I am so happy, pleased and grateful. It was really, really nice of them and I want to thank them for helping me out.

"Being blind is very restrictive in so far as going anywhere.

"I have always been interested in writing, I have got one of those strange imaginations that runs riot.

"Everybody who has read it so far seems to like it and the police also said they enjoyed the bit they read and can't wait for the rest.

The story is about a woman who loses everything most important to her -- her job and loved ones -- and the process of her rebuilding her life.

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