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What Was Life Really Like Under a Communist Regime? These Survivors Tell Beck


"It can happen here. Look at the signals, they're there."

During his Friday evening broadcast, Glenn Beck hosted a panel comprising survivors of Communist regimes. Each took time to relive their painful stories and share opinions on Western society's current, inexplicable exultation of socialism and Communism.

The panelists hailed from all over the world, including Cuba, Cambodia, East Germany and various countries of the former Soviet Union, to name a few. Their personal accounts of experiencing food rations, religious persecution, confiscation of business, imprisonment, murder and assault on personal freedom, rang hauntingly familiar to one another's.

Below panelists tell Beck about life in the former USSR:

Explaining the "State's" omnipotence, survivors noted how god was completely taken out of the equation under Communism, thus leaving people with nothing to rely on in terms of faith and religion.

One panelist explained a scenario where, if a child found a bible under his parents' bed he would likely tell the authorities, as he had, from an early age, been conditioned by the state to do so. The overriding question in one's mind while living in a state of paranoia is: if one cannot even trust his or her own family, then how can one trust their neighbor?

Another chilling account came from a Cuban exile whose ex-husband was ordered to film the execution of 70 prisoners captured by Fidel and Raul Castro. Upon realizing that everything Fidel stood for "was a lie," he too became the hunted.

The panelists, who embody living, walking, breathing history, also expressed concern over the path America is currently traveling. Many observed that the country has changed greatly since they first arrived. One even said his distress has been so great, he cannot "sleep peacefully" anymore.

At the conclusion of the program, Beck asked the panelists to tell Americans one thing they must look for in the current heated political climate. The following is a sampling of their answers:

"We need to wake up."

"Don't take freedom for granted...get informed."

"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

"Freedom and truth are precious to those who don't have it."

"If control from the central government continues, friends will turn on you to save their own hides."

"Watch out for big government."

"Libertad, libertad, libertad."

"Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing."

"Parents must be more vigilant about the education system."

"Indoctrination is out for labor unions."

"Socialism and Communism are the same."

"Don't take life for granted."

"It can happen here. Look at the signals, they're there."


The entire special can be viewed in its entirety on GBTV.

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