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Fair Share': Celebrities Called Out by IRS for Owing Millions in Unpaid Income Taxes


"Lionel Richie owes $1.1 million"

California tax authorities revealed the state's 500 biggest income tax delinquents Friday, and a surprising number of celebrities made the list.

Pamela Anderson, the "Baywatch" star, reportedly owes $524,241 in unpaid taxes, and Lionel Richie owes $1.1 million.

CNET co-founder Halsey Minor and his wife owe $10.5 million, while the founder of "Girls Gone Wild" Joe Francis owes $794,000.

Similarly, actor Nick Cassavetes and boxer James Toney seemingly owe $273,000 and $354,000, respectively.

The 500 delinquents owe nearly $233 million collectively, according to the IRS, prompting the California tax board to scold: "When taxpayers do not pay their fair share, it places an unfair burden on those who do."

The news follows the president's campaign to raise taxes on those earning over $1 million in what is being deemed the "Buffet Rule," after the billionaire who reportedly wants his taxes raised.

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The White House website even allows viewers to "find out how many millionaires pay a lower effective tax rate than you."  Looks like a few of the president's millionaire supporters didn't get the memo!

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