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Beck Breaks Down Secret Service Missteps 'Never Seen' Before


Is it a set-up?

After the recent debacle surrounding a dozen of President Obama's Secret Service agents who were dismissed after allegedly procuring the service of prostitutes during a visit to Cartagena, Colombia for the Summit of the Americas conference, Glenn Beck dedicated a portion of his evening broadcast to the bewildering array of gaffes, faux pas, missteps and outright embarrassments that have never before occurred in an administration...until now.

Prostitution is legal in Colombia as long as one operates within a "tolerance zone." The incident allegedly escalated over a $47 payment dispute between one of the "married" agents and the prostitute.

As Beck pointed out, the Secret Service is the agency created by "Honest Abe" and has not suffered a single negative public relations issue since its inception. So honorable are these officers in fact, that they will sacrifice their own lives to save a sitting president from harm. Yet, the public is somehow to believe that these distinguished officers would risk the president's safety to “make it with some hookers?” And if they are, are “dumb enough to risk getting caught over $47 bucks?” Beck mocked.

"Really?" blared Beck. He wouldn't pay $47?"

So what is really happening here?

Beck asked viewers to assume "hypothetically," that the current cast of prime movers in the White House comprise mainly Baby Boomers -- those who became infamous for their unabashed lack of respect for police, military and others in positions of authority and who routinely labeled such public servants as "pigs" -- Beck asked how these flower children would now, in the year 2012, go about discrediting their former nemeses.

"If you can't call them names, you can set them up and make them look bad," Beck said.

The following is a review of missteps Beck, and likely the entire country, has "never seen" the Secret Service engage in before. The only time Beck could find was in 2007 when there was an accidental shooting in a security booth.

White House gate-crashers?

The country erupted in disbelief in 2009 when two aspiring socialites and reality television stars, Tareq and Michaele Salahi, "crashed" the White House state dinner in honor of India. The disgraced "Real Housewives of D.C." couple enthusiastically announced their attendance on Facebook for the entire world to see, however, a White House official insisted the couple were not invited to the dinner, not included on the official guest list and were never seated at a table in the South Lawn tent. Once news of the breach circulated, questions arose about the integrity of White House security.

They managed to slip through the check point and "rub elbows" with the president, vice president and foreign dignitaries alike.

When the hammer eventually came down for the Salafi incident, it was the Secret Service who took the blame, for allegedly not following “proper procedures” in enforcing the guest list. Never before had Beck heard of the Secret Service “going rogue” and letting strangers descend on the president and vice president at a White House state dinner or anywhere else.

The day "The Beast" bottomed out in Ireland 

In May of 2011 during a trip to Ireland, amid a flock of cheering spectator's, Obama's presidential limousine bottomed out with a resounding boom. The incident occurred while the Obamas were leaving the U.S. Embassy in Dublin. "The Beast," as it is affectionately dubbed, was eking out of the drive when there was suddenly a loud kind of bang likened to the sound of "metal-on-metal grinding." Reports claim the car's underbelly somehow got caught on a piece of metal sticking up from the ground, presumably where the embassy gate interlocked. After sitting there stranded for a spell, the Obamas switched cars and headed for the Marine Force One helicopter.

Beck, who has met members of the Secret Service, noted the improbability of an oversight on the agency's part as its officers are trained to chart out "every inch" of the motorcade routes to degrees unthinkable to most everyday Americans.

Not shockingly the embarrassing incident did not escape the radar of Russia Today.

The Secret Service Twitter gaffe

A mere week after launching the official Secret Service Twitter account, officials "accidentally" sent out the following tweet: "@secretservice Had to monitor Fox for a story. Can't. Deal. With. The. Blathering."

Beck asked how the agency responsible for preventing the counterfeiting of U.S. currency, and that can detect one single discrepancy in a fake $100 bill, somehow cannot figure out Twitter?

When they "look stupid," the Marxists get what they want.

Shaking down a 13-year-old boy?

Another story that circulated the airwaves and painted the Secret Service in a none-too-flattering light was when a Tacoma, Washington seventh-grader was pulled from class and interrogated by an agent over a Facebook posting. The boy allegedly wrote that since Osama bin Laden was dead, the president should be forewarned that other could suicide bombers could exist. To make matters worse, the agent did not wait for the child’s parents to arrive.

"The kid was scared out of his mind."

Hotel of horror? Obama's inexplicable jaunt to Mumbai 

In 2010, President Obama took a trip to India where his security detail approved a stay at the same Mumbai hotel that was torched by Islamic terrorists just two years earlier. The deadly 2008 attack left 164 dead and 308 injured. While the hotel is situated in a strategically undesirable location, offering no escape routes in the event of a crisis, the White House claimed that safety issues were addressed by booking the entire 560-room hotel for the president’s stay.


Once again, the Secret Service "looks bad."

A set up?

An incredulous Beck asked if anyone had ever seen the Secret Service conducts itself this way before.

Being dismissed for an alleged tryst with with prostitutes in Cartagena; carelessly plotting out routes in foreign countries that compromise the presidential motorcade; approving risk-laden locations for foreign stop-overs; publicly tweeting out disparaging comments about news networks; shaking down a 13-year-old boy over a Facebook post; allowing disgraced reality TV stars to crash the White House and cozy up to the president.

None of the above scenarios bodes well for those entrusted with protecting America's Commander in Chief.

After a careful review of these transgressions, Beck came to the conclusion that there can only be two explanations -- and each one spells trouble. Either the Secret Service is a motley crew of inept "morons" like "Homer Simpson," or it comprises corrupt individuals who do not take the role seriously.

Beck allowed for another possible scenario in which the Secret Service is indeed the upstanding, capable agency it has always been purported to be. In this case, we may be in even more danger, as it would mean they are being set up, according to Beck.


If Russia still harbored the desire to bring down the United States, according to Beck, they would likely do so through subtle subversion. The country would "pressure us from the outside" and attempt to discredit "our most trusted institutions" -- the military and the Secret Service.

Beck reminded that while the recent story of Anna Chapman, the Russian spy, was "laughed off" in the media and the level of threat she posed downplayed by the administration, reports surfaced claiming the vixen was in fact gaining entry to the upper echelons of the Obama White House. She was even close enough to a sitting U.S. cabinet member to "disturb the FBI."

Even if she had her hand on the knee of a Cabinet member, Beck reminded that the president had "his hand on the knee" of the Russian president simultaneously.

What we are getting in return, is a "greatly hobbled country," Beck said.

He posited that, if an enemy -- be it domestic or foreign (Russia) -- wanted to undermine the credibility of our nation's "protectors," they would seek to destabilize and subvert those very people.

Whatever the reason, whatever the source, America's elite institutions are being compromised and and humiliated.

Beck asked viewers to ask themselves if they have ever before seen what they are seeing now.


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